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Build a rewarding career with us.

Nexa Accountants is a great place to build a career in variety of disciplines. You can polish your skill set with a sound package that we offer to you. Join us, grow with us, and who knows where it could take you.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Experience: 3 to 8 years
Salary: Best in the industry
Direct marketing strategies are used to create sales relationships and one-to-one promotional between targeted groups of customers and advertisers who get in touch via email, internet, social media, direct mail, telemarketing, or advertising campaigns.

Experience: 2 to 4 years
Salary: Best in the industry
We are looking for a dynamic senior manager in marketing to assist us in our entire marketing efforts. You will be an important part of the development and enactment of marketing plans to achieve targets from brand awareness to product promotion.

Experience: 2 to 5 years
Salary: Best in the industry
Manage activities end to end payroll service for UK clients. Plan and manage activities to build a sustainable delivery for successful delivery of services.


Working in Nexa Accountants brings a diversity of culture which aims on the methodology to do something instead what has to be done. We are a modern outsourcing company which consists of a dynamic team of energetic, young and fun loving people.

We work smarter and party harder. We like to recognize the hard-working individuals and employees who perform more of their duties we would expect them to.

At Nexa Accountants, we discuss a lot about teamwork. All our business units are composed of teams from several divisions situated at one place. Within each team all individuals show their own expertise area but the long-term responsibilities for every project are shared. For the successful completion of a task all our people work collectively and in a cooperative manner. This promotes the new joiners’ to ask questions and come up with innovative ways to enhance our services.

To get rid of any stressful emotions and improve the well-being and quality of our employees we encourage our employees to participate in Fun Friday activities consisting of simple games and activities that provide a nice break from their daily routine activities. For ensuring a good mental mood we have a variety of snacks stocked up in our cafeteria, carom boards and a DVD collection, a book library, discounted membership at a sports academy and even a ping-pong table to help you relax.


Nexa Accountants provide several perks to its employees. Whether you’re a recruitment consultant or writing accounts, all Nexa Accountants employees are qualified to obtain plenty of benefits.

Financial rewards, incentives and competitive salaries.

Paid leave, sick leave and maternity leave.

Health check
ups of all employees quarterly

Extensive on
the-job training

Sponsored national and international team trips and retreat

Referral schemes and identification programs

Career support and development

Social club
corporate get-togethers, sporting activities and cricket tournaments

Library access and an in-door games recreation area

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