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Switching To A New Accounting Firm

Your accountant plays a predominant role in the operations and profitability of your limited company. Apart from accounts management, they are accountable to ensure compliance with legislation of tax and assisting you to operate as tax efficiently as possible.

If you don’t find getting most of your money from your existing accountant, it is the time for you to find a new accountant for yourself. Fortunately, changing your contractor accountant can be a consistent process, offering you to follow the accurate protocol.

There are innumerable reasons why you might be preferring changing accountant includes the following:

  • You are unhappy with the service level.
  • Your accountant isn’t being responsive in identifying tax-saving avenues
  • Your accountant has given you poor advice leading to consistent problems with HMRC.
  • You can identify better service level somewhere else.
  • Your accountant is unreachable and hardly available to manage urgent problems.
  • You are not acceptable with the fees chargeable and can look for a better deal somewhere else.
  • Your accountant doesn’t offer you a cloud accounting solution.
  • Your company has evolved and your current accountant can’t fulfill your requirements.

If you are coming to us, ensure that you need to comply with Nexa Accountants process:

  • Professional ethics : It means Nexa will make a contact with your current accountants for clearance on your behalf and also to get accounts of previous years, tax returns and paperwork.
  • Legal services: Nexa has also to comply with anti-money laundering laws so we require a proof of identity before we can start working with you.
  • Your Signature: Your signature is mandatory on the form as an authorization to deal with your tax affairs on your behalf with HMRC.

Switching Accountants is a very swift process that you need to follow to switch to us. You just need to follow the simple steps:

  1. Discuss your requirements with the business development team.
  2. Get a customized quote from Nexa.
  3. Sign the agreement & send us a copy of your ID & address proof.

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