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Accountants For Small Businesses

One of the perfect things regarding small businesses is that their size permits them to take an action or formulating decisions quicker as against larger companies, but that advantage can be reduced if you are obstructed by your finances and accounting.

With a specialized small business accountant team from Nexa, you can be at the top of your finances, sorting your payroll, filing tax returns and also preparing the documents which are needed for registering your business with HMRC and Companies House with a less disturbance, providing you extra time to actually let your business run and offering a great level of service to your customers.

Small Business Accounting Service

Full-time accountants are exorbitant, and next comes your salary which is the money that could have utilized in expanding your business.

Our small business accounting service means a great deal which means you will be getting a dedicated account manager to be associated with all your accounting requirements and advice on every accounting area for a fraction of the cost. Nexa was formed to help small businesses take on with what they do best, by offering them a great, modern service of accounting.

At Nexa, you’ll be helped by our small business account experts who will:

  • Assist you in managing tax, dividend and salary planning and VAT
  • Filing your annual accounts, VAT and PAYE, corporation tax returns
  • Providing you great advice whenever you require.
  • And other services etc…..

Less time spending doing paperwork

Whichever package on a monthly basis you select from Nexa, accounting software is incorporated as standard, permitting you to quickly and easily perform all the day-to-day bookkeeping wherever you are with as totally on a computer or on your phone app. Regardless at the day’s end, you can quickly record a receipt, dispatch the invoice and more, online.

Then we’ll work more on the complexity and time-consuming things such as filing the tax returns, inspecting the cash flow position and other finances –whether they are in a healthy position, and making profit and loss statements—the comparative best thing about having Nexa Accountants by your side is that you can bid adieu to spending hours working at spreadsheets.


To be as advantageous as possible, and to maintain a positive cash flow, small businesses are required to retain their earnings as much as possible. Nexa Accountants can guide you on how to be at par with HMRC’s rules while paying little tax as legally possible, ensuring you keep maximum of your earnings.

Talk to an expert small business accountant whenever you need advice

We understand for running a successful small business, you always need the right assistance for it. At Nexa, we are experts in giving you right business and tax advice for your small businesses, and because all your accounting and financial information is online, we always have the right to access the latest figures and so you can quickly get to the root of any problem you might be facing.

We also take a dedicated approach to accounting—we’ll come to you offering you advice to help your business and also ensuring that you never miss any deadliness relating to tax.

Easy, inclusive of all monthly payments

We offer easy and simple, all-inclusive monthly payments—you can get anything including business and tax advice, payroll, VAT, accounting software, filing of Tax Returns, company formations and much more.

Knowing you better than previous

You won’t be another client for us. We’ll offer personal service revolving around you and your small business needs.

Types of Small Business– We Serve

  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Retail/E-commerce
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Construction

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