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Expert Online accountants for Contractors

We provide Specialized accounting support to contractors through limited companies. Depending on your Work equation, if it is 12-hour days or your working alternate weekends, performing it through your own limited company provides you ample of benefits and convenience. As a director of the limited company you can pay yourself a combination of dividends and salary—making going limited one of the most tax-efficient methods to work for yourself. In fact you can make up to 18% extra by selecting limited rather than umbrella.

It is readily understandable, establishing your own limited company can appear a bit formidable. However, the specialized accountants at Nexa will always be with you everytime, bearing all the major responsibility off your shoulders and majority of your paperwork off your desk. And simply because we are experienced in offering accounting support, we can feel secured in the knowledge you will be under 100% HMRC compliant.

How Nexa will help UK Contractors?

  1. Setting up of Limited Company
    Establishing your limited company permits you to pay less tax if you’re a contractor. You will always be able to categorize how and when you do your work.
  2. Customized Packages
    At Nexa, our accounting packages are tailor made to accommodate your individual requirements. You are free to change the package as and when your requirement gets changed.
  3. Compliance
    We provide valuable guidance on the responsibilities of directors of limited companies. We are also specialist at ensuring you meeting all HMRC requirements.
  4. Tax Savings
    As per the tax advice of expert contractor, Nexa will help you out in reducing your tax liabilities and ensure helping you stay on the right side of the HMRC and the tax man.
  5. Multiplying your wealth
    We also assist you manage your retirement savings and other assets and investments you may have.

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