Clarifying Taxation

Nexa is dedicated to providing complete tax consultation and related services to freelancer, contractor, startups, small medium businesses and many more. We understand your need to look for new business opportunities and take complete care of your tax calculation, analysis, and filing. Our team comprises of client managers and efficient accountants who provide you total guidance on tax inquiries, negotiations, and HMRC clearances.

We enable you to plan and pay your taxes well in advance and we also provide consultation services regarding succession and exit strategies.

Tax Planning and Advisory

Our Certified Tax Advisors are able to help you understand the impact of tax on your business
and help you implement the best tax planning strategies.

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Tax planning

Minimise your tax liabilities with our comprehensive tax planning services.

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Seamless invoicing

Reduce your burden and improve your cash flow by creating, sending and monitoring invoices with ease.

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Corporate taxation

Our tax preparation services leverage the latest technologies and research solutions which allows you to prepare and file tax returns for different entities.

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Vat Registration

We help start-ups and small businesses to register for VAT if their net taxable income is more than 85,000 UK pounds.

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Self-employed individuals who earn more than 1000 UK pounds can avail tax benefits by registering for self-assessment and Class 2 National Insurance.

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Out self-assessment solutions and services enable small businesses to manage their financial records effectively.

What else comes bundled?

At Nexa Accountants, our business tax specialists can restructure and demerge businesses
and can offer updated suggestions on the implications of tax for any form of framework.

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Corporation Tax

Payable by any UK-resident company or overseas institutions/companies with permanent establishments within the UK. Corporation tax is the tax rates which are levied on the annual profits of the company

Self Assessment

Self-Assessment is a system where HMRC collects Income Tax on your personal income. People and businesses with other income need to report it in a tax return to HMRC. If you are required to send one, get it filled by yourself at the end of the tax year(5th April) it is applicable to.

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VAT Registration

The taxes paid by all taxable individuals, professionals or small business are known as Value Added Tax. If you are running a business which is registered for submitting VAT returns to HMRC, then you are expected to make these submissions on a quarterly basis.

Get taxes done in three simple steps

We construct succession and exit strategies well in advance so the avenues of tax reliefs on sales are maximised.


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