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Nexa is committed to managing the accounting needs of limited companies and provides a wide range of accountancy services to cater to all the requirements of its clients. We have got you covered irrespective of whether you are a public limited company or private limited company.

Our expert accountants enable you to handle and manage your financial records and account books. We also provide account reconciliation, taxation, annual accounts maintenance, financial reports generation and other services that free you from the additional burden of managing your finances.

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General Accounting

We help you to create your accounts and assist you in managing them on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Our experts have the expertise of working with the latest accounting and bookkeeping solutions and ensure that the data is completely accurate and correct.

Preparing financial statements

We prepare annual accounts for the statutory audits and provide you with the preparation of financial statements, financial budgeting, and other related services. Nexa also delivers financial write-up services for the companies that require it.

Tax returns

We provide complete taxation services, starting from tax planning, tax filing, and tax processing. We assist you in preparing tax returns and also help you to maintain up-to-date sales tax as well.

Payroll services

We not only provide accounting services but also help you to streamline your payroll services. We cater payroll services to companies and partnerships of all sizes and scales. Our experts provide payroll processing and also integrate financial tools like ERP, Tally, etc. in it to provide you convenience in your administrative works.

Accounting set-up

If you want to set up accounting services for your company then you can always rely on us. We also specialize in providing e-accounting services irrespective of the sector and industry your company belongs to.

Other services

Our other accounting services include cash forecasting, debt collection, creditor payment, cash handling, and other services. These services help in maintaining the cash flow in your company and enable you to focus on your core services.


£ 19.50

Basic accounting tools and options that are designed especially for limited companies.


£ 27.50

Additional options alongside the basic package to cater for a larger range of services.


£ 47.50

This is an advanced accounting package that contains a wide range of services to cater to your accounting needs.

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Becoming a limited company contactor is the first step towards the independence of being your own boss, working on a variety of contracts and giving flexibility to the way you work.

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