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Company Formation Service/Bank Account/Registration of VAT and PAYE

Help in Starting Up Your Business…
Simple Six step process to set up your company:

  • Contact us to know the price for the company set up after you have completed the details in the form.
  • Click on the below link to fill up your details of the company that you want to form.
  • Add any other shareholders details.
  • Please mention any special instruction that you need to provide in the final section like registration of payroll & VAT that you might need after the company is formed
  • Submit the application & your company will be formed within next 24 to 32 working hours.
  • Once the company is formed, we shall contact you within 24 hours to provide you with the company documents and the Company’s House registration number and authentication code. You could also let us know if you have any further requirements in terms of accounting and bookkeeping services for the company you just found.

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We have Helped Majority of Businesses to Set Up

Our team has been based in Audrey House and have helped majority of businesses to start up and later on formally become official companies. We are incredibly passionate about registering many companies at Companies House which in, previous days lodged by our team manually.

Our team has strong business ties with Companies House which have become beneficial for our all types of clients.

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