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International Tax

we understand the peculiarities involved in international tax

At Nexa Accountants, we understand the peculiarities involved in international tax; operating or working a business or having overseas assets. From Double-Taxation agreements to ensuring you or your business adheres complete compliance with the UK government related to expansion, whether it be inward or outward. We can provide you unparalleled international tax advice on the country that best accommodates your business and financial goals, while providing you a clear and concise advice on structuring to augment your firm’s prosperity abroad as well as in the U.K. The team at Nexa Accountants is poised to examine any liabilities which are subject to the jurisdiction in which you prefer to live in, operate or work.

As far as your executives and employees, it is significant to obtain it exactly right when transferring them overseas. You don’t want to imperil the future of a trusted member of your team, risk a complexity when dealing with VAT or lose out on likely savings with respect to international tax benefits. The probable international tax burden of transferring an employee or an executive to the U.K is also a one of the important decision for your business, a decision that authorizes expert advice from the professionals on our team. Whether it is transfer rates, property-ownership or general advice on international tax, calling or dropping in London or around U.K. is the smart decision when considering expansion of your business abroad.

Our comprehensive list of International Tax services include:

  • Cross border tax
  • International tax advice
  • Offshore trusts
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax structuring for international groups
  • Immigration and expatriate, which includes tax advice US and overseas citizens living or working in London
  • Emigration, including tax advice for British citizens living or working abroad
  • US/American and Australian tax returns
  • Non-domicile tax advice and consultancy
  • Property ownership in and outside the UK
  • Double taxation agreements
  • UK subsidiaries of abroad companies and foreign branches

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