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Nurse Accountants

Our years of experience catering to the nurses and medical professionals across the U.K permits us to create solutions that accommodate to your accounting and taxation needs, conforming you quality work and expert knowledge for all your accounting and taxation affairs.

Nurse Accountants Specialist

As a nurse, working through your own limited company is the most tax efficient manner rather than joining an umbrella company or working on an agency’s books.

Your company’s profits will be taxed at 20% up to £ 3,00,000 per annum and based on how much you take out of the company, you may not require to pay any additional tax. This option can provide you many benefits such as own limited company, virtually guaranteed work due to the huge demand, or opportunities to expand your skills and experience.

With our expert accounting services for nurses in London, you will be able to regulate your finances, reduce your tax liability, and concentrate on your valuable time in your practice while we handle your accounting and taxation affairs. We will keep your books and records updates as per the latest regulations for your sector and make any changes in your interest. We will create a tax plan especially designed for you that will permit you to save money by reducing your tax liabilities. In this way, you can concentrate on your practice with complete peace of mind while you’re ensured about optimizing your potential financial benefits.

As Nurse Accountants, we offer you an extensive range of services to assist you with all the areas associated to your Accounting and Taxation needs:

  • Compliance services (preparing annual accounts, personal tax returns and corporation tax)
  • Business advice and planning
  • Taxation advice and planning
  • Self assessment
  • Incorporation services
  • Advice on starting a limited company
  • Sector marketing
  • Business development

Our specialist accountants will work closely with you in order to provide you with advice and support relating to all your company related needs.

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