CIS Accounting and Tax Returns

Construction Industry Scheme Tax is levied on everyone within the construction industry. Contractors will need to ensure that any subcontractor’s have part of their earnings deducted in order to cover their tax and national insurance. If a subcontractor has any over-paid tax during their year, this can be claimed back when submitting their yearly tax return. We are here to provide complete assistance to both contractors and subcontractors, ensuring this process is both easy and hassle-free.

Features and Benefits for CIS

Are you liable to pay CIS tax?

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If you work as a contractor and are confused about CIS, then our experts will fill you in on all the intricate details.

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If you are a subcontractor and want to file a CIS return, then we provide complete assistance making the process effortless and saving you precious time.

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Who is liable?

Anyone whose main activity is construction or who spends a substantial part of his/her income on construction works is liable to pay CIS tax.

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CIS also has an impact on:

Other individuals who are covered in this scheme include labour firms, developers and leaders.

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CIS registration

All contractors should register under CIS before undertaking any work or before employing any sub-contractor.

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Easy solutions

Register for Self-Assessment and Class 2 National Insurance, if your earnings are more than £1,000

CIS Taxation Rates

Why you require the help of our CIS

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Nexa's CIS Benefits

There are essentially three tax brackets which subcontractors fall in the range of, these lie between 0%-30% depending on which category the subcontractor belongs to. The main objective of a taxpayer will always be to minimise the amount of tax payable to the legal limit and so CIS focusses on reducing the tax evasion within the construction industry. Tax calculation and especially CIS tax assessment is a tedious process, one that requires an expert handling to avoid getting burdened with unexpectedly heavy taxation.

Why Choose CIS Service

There are various service providers in the industry which offer these, or similar services, but with our distinctive way of working we stand out in the crowd. With our sharp anticipation skills and forward-thinking approach on all CIS and other tax related matters, we provide complete support for our clients. All our actions are focused towards offering the best advantages in the most professional manner, ensuring complete support, the highest quality work and expert knowledge whenever you require it. Because of this, we have kept our cost structure unique depending on the tasks we fulfil for our clients. We work on lessening our clients stress, not adding to it.

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Why do you require a CIS accountant?

We will not only maintain your books, but also update your records as per the latest regulations for your sector. We will calculate any amendments for your interest and will establish a tax plan designed solely for you. For each business we aim to simplify the financial burden and strive to obtain the highest possible taxation discounts available to that business. Consider that a subcontractor that has not been verified and is not registered for VAT may have to pay as much as 30% of their payables through CIS taxes. Verification and VAT registration can minimise this to 0% on CIS. Moreover, since taxation is closely dependent on getting rebates, our tax practitioner will work constantly to ensure that the client obtains available rebates.

Accounting & so much more

Our online accounting service is built around you, allowing you to manage your CIS anytime, anywhere. Get unlimited support and advice from our expert accountants who are accessible, knowledgeable and passionate about helping you grow.