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Management accounting is not your usual accounting, but instead a deeper analysis of various aspects of your business. This allows you as a business owner to manage your business in a more efficient manner. Nexa Accountants specialise in providing management accounting services for small companies, franchises and start-ups. Our management accounting experts analyse your financial data to understand the trends and enable you to make better business decisions. They also go one step further by analysing your non-financial data, ensuring improvement of your organisation as a whole

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As part of our service, we work hard to provide accountancy advice tailored to your business. Get notified of tax relief you can claim, important filing deadlines, and liaise with HMRC and Companies House.

Tax Minimization Adjustments

Management accounts are here to show you the accurate profit without making any tax minimisation adjustments. The profit from management accounts is the real profit and will allow you to understand how your business is actually performing at any given point in time. In addition, management accounts are vital to financial planning because they can measure the progress of your company against the business budget and prescribed targets year after year. This gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself ahead of time in order to see out strategic adjustments before seasonal fluctuations.

Informed Business Decisions

Getting consistent, reliable management information is essential to the continued success of your business. Although statutory accounts will show you the ‘official profit’, operating your business from them is hardly a good idea. That is why profit can vastly differ from management accounts, as this is not even the actual profit on which corporate tax is charged. Corporation tax is calculated depending on the figure from the statutory accounts but passed through adjustments such as entertaining, adding back depreciation and deducting capital allowances.

The Three steps of Management Accounts’


Our online Management Accounting system will transform the manner in which you manage you company accounts. Just log-in to the secure cloud software to see a range of up-to-date reports on your financial and management accounts.


Let us work closely with you so we can get to know your business, allowing us to make informed suggestions for helping you to improve profits or make your business develop and grow.

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Which product line drives profitability? Which of your salesperson is the top-performer? Which cost centers give you the highest turnover? In order to drive your business forward, you need accurate, timely and insightful reporting of core management accounts information.

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