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Financial Forecasting

Cash is the driving force of any business and having sufficient cash for meeting out your necessities is very much important for sustenance of your business.

Most businesses which have a smooth functioning and excellent product or service unfortunately fail due to shortage of cash or cash crunch in their business. In some cases, this becomes difficult to avoid but in many cases, a clear plan, monitoring, strategy and measuring and good risk analysis can reduce the possibilities of risk.

Cash flow forecasts, management accounts and budgets can help examine and recognize likely positive increases in cash flow, which may indicate the opportunity to strategically invest or expand but may also recognize potential weaknesses such as how fastly important new stocks are coming after being ordered or how long it takes debtors to pay.

Having an up-to-date information is a very good habit for your business as is examining the information and identifying the trends or issues early, either positive or negative. For example, if your cash flow analysis highlights that your customers pay at a slower rate, this could be an indicator and warning that they are struggling and that you require to tighten credit or possibly that your industry or the economy usually are facing a tough period ahead.

Features of a Good Cash Flow and Sales forecasting

  • Keeping the information up-to-date as frequently and ensure the information is always exhaustive.
  • Not depending on a forecast prepared some time ago. Your business needs may be different but a forecast like any business plan, is not to only get and forget about. Forecasts needs constant monitoring and updated as essential.
  • Good analysis- it can be very enticing and understandable for a busy small business owner to want to just gauge over the latest sales information financial reports for headline information. Indepth analysis is generally taken place where the best understanding comes from in order to keep your business in good cash flow position and ahead of competitors. This is where an external monitoring can be really useful—from where Nexa Accountants procure for many clients.
  • Forecasts that consist of more than one result-involves best, worst and most possible scenarios and their possible impact on cashflow allows you to make better informed and educated decisions.
  • Forecasting is also essential in case if you’re looking to expand your business by attracting private equity or preparing for sale. Experienced investors will form the judgment subject to your methodology of running the business and your financial estimations and discipline. If your company is having a good cash flow, then there are good chances that your business can obtain loans and advances from the banks.

Financial modelling

Do you know plans and strategic insights are very essential for a good financial modelling? Well, financial model for one type of business can differ widely from another of a different type or in a different industry. Management information stands useful if it gives you actionable insights significant to manage and plan for your business.

A better financial modelling gives you a difference between attracting potential investors or a bank or other financial institution your business may look to get finances from.

We mix our traditional accounting skills and experience with the current software for cutting the costs down. We dedicate our time and attention in spending with you to understand your business and what form of reports, management information and data will be useful for you along with our commercial acumen we deliver the right solution for you.

If you wish to seek any help related to financial modelling, you can call or email us. We will be happy to assist you.

How Nexa Accountants help you with Forecasting?

Accurate forecasting has a major role to play for your well-being and our accounts team are very experienced to handle it.

Nexa Accounting team would be happy to help you out in setting up the accurate business reports, using the latest software for efficiency and costs savings. We offer you customized and affordable services to help our clients in understanding, forecasting and interpreting financial numbers whether from cash flow, management accounts or otherwise. In most of the cases we have given clients with deeper insights which helps them to reduce risk, save costs or plan ahead to outshine expectations and competitors.

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