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No business or start-up can work perfectly without a business road map. Nexa Consultants provide a wide range of business services such as business plan creation, business plan writing, business feasibility test, business funding consultation and much more. Our business plan team consists of experienced businessmen and experts who have helped several industries to grow and prosper over the years. We have created, executed and assisted thousands of successful business plans that have helped us to earn the trust of our clients.

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Business plan test

You might have a brilliant business idea but it will not work if you have considered different challenges and issues that you might encounter while executing your ideas. Our business plan writers will write formidable business plans based upon your ideas that will help you overcome all these issues and face all the challenges with ease. Our experts specialize in designing and writing templates for small enterprises, start-ups, sole traders, partnerships, etc. These templates act as a guide to the businesses whenever they encounter any challenge or issue. We also provide consultation services and advice to individuals who are interested in starting internet-based businesses.

Financial consultation

We not only write complete business plans but also provide financial consulting services to those who need it. Funding is necessary even for the most powerful ideas as they need to be executed in the practical world. Our experts provide you with smart funding ideas and advice you on how to utilize modern funding methods like crowdfunding to realize your business goals.

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Business Plan Process


  • ✔ Executive Summary;
  • ✔ Description of product or services;
  • ✔ Market opportunity
  • ✔ Competitive differentiation;
  • ✔ Details of management team
  • ✔ Ownership structure;
  • ✔ Financial projections;
  • ✔ Researching competitors, customers and the market;

Areas Experience

  • ✔ Start Ups
  • ✔ Restaurant and Catering
  • ✔ Tech business and Software
  • ✔ Real estate investment and property investment
  • ✔ Gym and leisure businesses
  • ✔ Care homes
  • ✔ Business plans in support of investment and immigration to the UK

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If you’re in the process of starting your business or have written your business plan and want an expert accountant to look it over then we can help. Simply, give us a call or email us about your business plan, along with your name, address and telephone number so that we will review your plan and arrange a suitable time for you to give a call with our feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.