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Business Plan

Reaching your final destination is always easier with a map(or on weekend these days). A business plan is a roadmap to reach where you want to go.

Writing a business plan can be hectic and time consuming task and how do you know that what you have to do is going to work? That’s where our role starts.

Our team of business advisors have a rich experience of running their own businesses in various sectors and have read, written and reviewed thousands of business plans.

How to write a Business Plan for your Small Business?

A business plan will usually be very different from a plan prepared for a growing business looking for relevant external investment. For a manufacturing business, business plans will be prepared differently as compared to a plan for an internet based business such as intellectual property type business or an app.

As a result, it is understandable for small businesses to look for simple and cheap solutions, it is risky to simply depend on a template for a business plan. Templates can be helpful starting points but for such the significant documents as business plans, time, thought and usually external experienced help are a far much better option.

The prime aspects of the process usually include:

  • Executive Summary;
  • Description of product or services;
  • Market opportunity
  • Competitive differentiation;
  • Details of management team
  • Ownership structure;
  • Financial projections;
  • Researching competitors, customers and the market;
  • Funding requirements (if any).

Financial anticipations of Business plans

Every business is unique in itself and so are the business plans. The content may be based on whether it’s for internal planning and usage so as to apply for finance or look for investment or a combination of these or other reasons. Our experience spans around with owner managed small businesses outreaching to many business and sectors and includes:

  • Start Ups
  • Restaurant and Catering
  • Tech business and Software
  • Real estate investment and property investment
  • Gym and leisure businesses
  • Care homes
  • Business plans in support of investment and immigration to the UK

If you’re in the process of starting your business or have written your business plan and want an expert accountant to look it over then we can help.

Simply, give us a call or email us about your business plan, along with your name, address and telephone number so that we will review your plan and arrange a suitable time for you to give a call with our feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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