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Lawyer Bookkeeping Services

Accounting for Law Firms

Billing clients in an accurate manner and keeping CPA books ready are a one-shot way of doing practice is all that busy attorneys know. As the practice advances at a rapid rate, record-keeping becomes more difficult. Staying abreast of receivables and payables becomes a more time-consuming task for you. Making strategic changes appears to be overwhelming –yet essential. If you are a practice manager or an attorney who is striving to maintain with your law firm’s bookkeeping, from there Nexa Accountants come to your rescue.

Nexa Accountants legal bookkeeping practice supports busy legal practitioners manage their back office operations effortlessly. Our legal accounting team knows about your unique requirements of your practice, and we can offer everything from QuickBooks training for your workforce to the advanced level of small business consulting services. Know more about Nexa Accountants Bookkeeping’s law firm accounting service and schedule a free consultation with us.

How can Nexa Accountants help busy attorneys in their legal work?

Nexa Accountants put forward in-depth experience in legal accounting in your practice. You can even establish your brand new law office accounting system with our guidance and know the reason why QuickBooks for law firms may be beneficial to your practice. Our outsourced and part-time legal bookkeeping team provides you the expertise of a CFO only at the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Now you can easily devote less time on your books and more with your clients when you form a partnership with Nexa Accountants.

With Nexa Accountants, you can:

Ensure running of your back office as smoothly as your front office: Nexa Accountants assists new and established law firms generate, maintain and scale accounting functions. Our team can evaluate your finances, policies and procedures, relationships and suggest effective options that keep your law practice CPA-ready.

Get engaged in paperwork and establish a reporting system that works for you: Allow Nexa Accountants to manage your unorganized finances. Our team helps you to establish a reporting system that meets your needs. You can get accurate weekly, monthly and annual reporting in a well-organized time. Nexa Accountants is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Gain 24/7 access to your finances with cloud-based retrieval : You can evaluate your financial information on any device at any point in time which is suitable for you. You can also assess your payroll, billing, expenses, tax payments and reporting and make informed decisions with a real-time data quickly.

Obtain more information in less time : With our system, you can automatically generate reports, pay your bills, import data and make tax payments on time. You can also obtain the benefits of a full-time staff member without any expense of a new hire or burdening your coworkers.


Obtain valuable insights: Our budget and forecasting analytics are two of our most beneficial small business offerings. With the help of Nexa Accountants, you can plan your future in a right manner through our in-depth reports that will guide you on important trends.

Obtain unbiased feedback : Get the services of Nexa Accountants and make our legal bookkeeping team give you guidance on your next move. Get in touch with us about sales, mergers, acquisitions, marketing strategies and more, and obtain the third party advice that brings forward your best interests.

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