Do you wish to stay on top of your accounts? Wish to know various ways of cutting down the costs and saving money? Want to know several methods of saving tax by availing tax opportunities? Well, look no further get in touch with Nexa Accountants.

Small Business Accountants in London


Nexa Accountants is one of the premier chartered accounting firm based out in London which serve the detailed needs of sole traders, start-ups, small businesses, IT Contractors and much more. Since inception, Nexa Accountants has expanded its clientele base across U.K and is proud in serving the needs of all sectors from doctors, locums, taxi-drivers, nurses, real-estate, restaurant and takeaway and many more till date.

Nexa Accountants is an active forward-thinking firm of Chartered Accountants, Business Consultants and Financial Advisers, Auditors and Tax Advisors based out in London. We offer an extensive range of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, VAT and taxation services to our clients across U.K.

We also offer personal tax services and tax planning advice to individuals. Business and personal clients appreciate our dynamic approach and excellent quality of service at affordable prices.

We envision dedicating our time in working closely with our clients to know their business better wherein we can offer them the highest possible standardized services at reasonable cost. We work in offering “value for money” to our clients. Basically, we offer our clients:

Our distinctive reporting system creates financial information in a user-friendly way which uses pie-charts, graphs, ratios to explain and offer management with major financial reporting tools.

List of Services provided by Nexa London Accountants


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Bookkeeping and accounting services Auto Enrolment Payroll RTI Business Growth Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote
VAT Registration Cover VAT Registration VAT Return Services Registered Office Company Formation
Year-end accounts services Bank Account Opening Management and Account Services Self-Assessment Tax Return Tax Investigation Cover


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Based out in London and backed by a team of highly skilled and professional accountants who possess years of experience and having reputed certifications from renowned accounting bodies like ACCA, CIMA and IPSE are the backbone of Nexa Accountants and builds the brand name of “Nexa Accountants” in the accounting field”. Using years of experience have helped us to understand the financial outcomes of each and every company which pursue our services.

Since inception in 2007, Nexa Accountants have assisted many clients and help them achieve their accounting and financial objectives. Effective management of accounts and immaculate financial planning have been the main reason for the Nexa Accountants success in U.K.

We have been able to provide the best accounting services for managing various requirements of start-ups, freelancers, small-business, contractors and individuals. As an accounting firm, we are always ready to go beyond an extra mile in order to serve the interests of our clients. Our services range from tax planning, handling disputes and investigation to bank account opening and auto-enrollment.

We make a hand-pick selection of our accounting team and we ensure to recruit the best of talent in our team. We are proud of giving transparency and exceptional customer service to our clients. We take the best possible opportunities to help the clients save taxes and money, and in case, if there is any penalty occurring on taxes, we help them to minimize to a much possible extent.

We interface with our clients at every stage of the accounting process and keep them updated about their books and taxes. Also, we inform our clients to take appropriate steps in the changing laws and regulations to withstand the complex competitive environment.

Our accounting and tax services are much beyond of supporting businesses meeting their legal requirements.


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Many people starting up a business have a good business proposition and the commitment and enterprise to see it through. However, they may not be experts in the financial matters of running a business and will usually require specialist tax advice.

Whilst you do not require to be a finance expert to be successful in business, but you would have good advice from experts to seek the support of a firm, renowned as specialist small business accountants such as Nexa Accountants.

We’ll deal with care regarding your tax and compliance issues, and offer full records for HMRC. We’ll ensure your numbers are right, and your returns are in on time. In addition, we take care of your bookkeeping, payroll and staff pension auto-enrolment.

We will assist you to:

It is the team of Nexa Accountants who advice businesses regarding latest changes to financial legislation or any other tax obligation and completing the tax returns on time. Our team offers extensive guidance and help to businesses solve complex business issues by giving them expert and reliable advice, training and support tools. This way it will:

Our skilled and proficient team can help our clients in:



#How to find Best Small Business Accountant London?

Searching for the right small business accountant in London is no more hassle for you when you reach the right place. Yes, we’re talking about Nexa Accountants which is one of the small business accountants which provide you a gamut of services from bookkeeping and payroll to tax and CIS returns while you can focus on running your small business.

In order to make things easier and quicker for you, we’ve designed our small business accountancy services into a tailor-made package which will be easier for you to pick the one that’s suitable for you:

Our Small Business Accounting services include:

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We have designed a very popular fee package based service throughout the year that makes the tariff flexible and fully optimized to meet the requirements of small business.[/su_tab]

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Small businesses in London are an extensive part of our clientele. The costs are relevant which makes the service levels prominent and we aim to serve our clients in the best possible manner which gives them “value for money” without any comprising on quality.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”For our clients only” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]No matter you require assistance in your annual accounts and tax or in taking your business onto a further level, we’re here to help our clients.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Financial Support” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]Running of business involves rigorous margins and high margins. In such case, whom do you think to take help and advice of? Look no further contact Nexa Accountants relating to any financial affairs of the business and our team will do our best to provide you with reliable and informative guidance.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Save Tax” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]Most of the small business owners unknowingly end up paying heavy tax which is not required as they are not fully informed of all the tax opportunities available to them. We ensure that our clients don’t end up paying extra pound which is not required.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Financial Support” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]Running of business involves rigorous margins and high margins. In such case, whom do you think to take help and advice of? Look no further contact Nexa Accountants relating to any financial affairs of the business and our team will do our best to provide you with reliable and informative guidance.[/su_tab]


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Nexa Accountants team comprises of tax experts who offer taxation and advisory services to both individuals and business across U.K. Across years, servicing as a tax accountant in London has provided us with the skill and experiences to make positive comparisons with the best tax accountants in London.

We provide various forms of accounting and taxation services to self-employed individuals and small-businesses at reasonable rates with utmost efficiency.

Our main emphasis lies in helping our clients run their business effectively by giving them a complete solution of tax and accountancy services which supports them in meeting all the filing deadlines and giving them valuable information which will increase their net income.

If you are searching for a tax accountant in U.K who understand the business owners’ needs, you will be willing to contact Nexa Accountants who provide with quick and efficient small business accounting and tax advisory services.

Our tax specialists offer excellence in the following areas:

Our work procedure follows as:

We offer varied forms of taxation services which consists of :

Our expert tax accountants in London have vast experience in doing some important calculations for you on your behalf and offer you with customized solutions by taking into account all the available allowance and various other reliefs. It is not only about tax payments but looking for the various avenues for your tax savings.

Our proficient tax consultants in London are experts in using major accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, FreeAgent and ClearBooks. By employing the current technological methods, your future tax liabilities are calculated quickly and brought down to a negligent level.


#How to Get Best Tax Advisors in London?

As tax advisors in London, your main focus remains to work closely with you to ensure you pay the least amount of tax as per HMRC laws.

We will assist you to understand the tax inference of your actions which ensures that you do your tax planning for the future well-in advance and conduct your tax affairs in an efficient way.


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Under Corporation Tax Self-Assessment (CTSA), it becomes the legal responsibility of business owners to accurately calculate their corporation tax liability. We understand the issues which owner-managed businesses time-to-time faces and can help prepare tax returns within the time in an efficient manner.

We will also do the calculation of your company’s tax liability and perform the calculations on your behalf of any quarterly instalment payments which falls due.

The tax authorities’ investigation policies, rising reporting obligations and harsh penalties for non-compliance imply that lots of resources and time can be consumed during the tax administrative process.

We will help to minimize the corporate tax exposure and lessen the administrative burden of compliance with the current tax legislation. At last, effective corporate tax planning can also lead to significant improvements in the time to come.


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Personal tax including sole traders and partnerships. Our competent team takes care of your income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax on your behalf.


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We have the expertise and software to remove all your headaches of manually filing out the form and compliance aspect of Self-Assessment. We can give you practical advice relating to personal tax and suggest you the likely tax planning opportunities available to you.

Across recent years, HMRC has imposed heavy penalties with respect to failure in filing a return on time and for errors. We can calculate tax returns for you and also calculate any tax liability and give you final advice on when to pay and how much to pay.


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Everyone’s taxation needs are based on professional support and advice if they are to make the best usage of their tax position and ensure they adhere to the compliance necessities. Our expert tax team offers you year-round advice on all personal taxation subjects.


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With HMRC’s increasing demand and all-time changing legislation’s subject to state that the VAT compliance is a complex administrative procedure. We can assist you to ensure that you adhere to the regulations and no over payments to be made.

In order to manage this complex procedure, we provide cost-efficient and efficient VAT services, which consists of:


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We understand that HMRC enquiry or tax investigation is a stressful experience. We help our clients through our valuable experience related to HMRC investigations on enquiries based on Individual’s Tax Return, in-depth enquiries into a company’s affairs or employer-related investigations into PAYE and P11d compliance. We also offer legal assistance to our clients, if by chance, they are subject to any investigation.


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It is advisable to all our clients to opt for our annual insurance policy in order to protect themselves and their business from any unexpected costs in the increasing risk environment of such investigations. However, such investigations will call for additional accountancy work. The work amount will be based on how complex the case is but the cost could be substantial.




#Why Nexa Is Best accountants in London?

Thanks to our clients who have professionally recommended us in their network. This speaks about our commitment, trustworthiness and efficiency in volumes in what we have extended to our clients in managing their books, accounting tasks online, payroll, VAT and taxation.

This has helped us to establish ourselves in the eyes of our clients of being a No.1 dedicated and integrity accounting and taxation service provider across U.K.

Saving our clients’ money is our motto whosoever comes to us with an intention of either to make their business grow by helping them cut costs and save on taxes. Our professional approach has given our clients complete peace of mind whether they are running out of time to file their tax return with HMRC at low cost and escape heavy penalties.

Whether any client looks to us for business expansion, we have given them advice after thoroughly understanding their working preference and resources available. We always comply with ever-changing HMRC laws have helped our clients save their every penny by effectively taking the advantages of tax opportunities available to them.

We ensure full reliability on us to our clients regarding tax filing. We also provide those frequent reports of their financial status and our tax team is always prepared to discuss with you anything regarding your tax affairs.

We do proper and effective tax planning, complying with all the HMRC rules and regulations. We also help small businesses to incorporate innovative technologies into their daily routine. We make the lives of entrepreneurs very simple and that’s what makes us the best accountants in London and different from others.


#Our Chartered Certified Accountants in London

If you find that your existing accountant is not offering you appropriate advice on reducing taxes or caused missed deadlines, it’s time to pursue some other. Contact Nexa Accountants wherein accounting team will help all the clients across the U.K in establishing their business in a tax-efficient manner and will reduce your tax liabilities to a lower extent.


#How Nexa Help Small Accounting Firms in London?

Nexa Accountants is one of the distinguished chartered accounting firm in London which offers various forms of professional services to private individuals and owner-managed businesses.

Irrespective of a business or an individual, our team get to know you personally and understand your business requirements and goals to achieve. Our team approaches every client personally and friendly, yet professional and focus on commercial things and suggests way to achieve better outcomes. Our team works with like-minded business and individuals and help them to grow and flourish.

Our London team has top minds on the board who are accounting and finance industrial specialists who help clients with all forms of tax planning, tax returns and tax savings which consists of Corporation Tax, Income Tax, VAT, Property Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and much more.

If you’re a contractor or self-employed in London, don’t hesitate to get specialized services from our expert accountants in London:

Some of the services offered by Nexa Accountants in London:

book keeping ServicesBookkeeping services

book keeping ServicesAccounts preparation

book keeping ServicesSelf-assessment

book keeping ServicesVAT Return

book keeping ServicesManagement Accounts

book keeping ServicesTax investigations

book keeping ServicesOnline accounting solutions such as Xero, Quickbooks etc.

book keeping ServicesPensions

book keeping ServicesAuto Enrollment

book keeping ServicesPayroll Management

book keeping ServicesBusiness Plan

book keeping ServicesForeign Earnings and Overseas Tax Planning


#Nexa Accountant near Me

Are you looking for a competent chartered accounting to keep your books updated? Wish to know the possible ways to save tax? Wish to know in what ways your company can minimize costs? Look no further contact Nexa Accountants.

Located in U.K, Nexa Accountants is committing to catering various types of clients throughout U.K. If you’re in any U.K city, still you can contact Nexa Accountants. Having a specialized chartered accounting team on board who have years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting services, company formation, VAT and payroll.

Our team of accountants have rich experience in dealing with most of the clients irrespective of their profession such as doctors, locums, nurses, taxi-driver, restaurant, real-estate and much more.

Our team reaches out to our clients irrespective of the U.K location to handle their queries and to solve their problems either through phone, face-to-face or chat services. We offer lower rates which can be affordable to any types of client we serve.

Searching for the appropriate accountant as per your needs won’t be any problematic for you once you’ll get in touch with Nexa Accountants who not only keep your accounting books updated but also offer you professional advice in handling your business and advising you various ways to save cost and taxes.

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